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A conversation with District Attorney Candidate Geneviéve Jones-Wright



Photo courtesy Geneviéve Jones-Wright

[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]O[/dropcap]n June 5, Geneviéve Jones-Wright, a San Diego native and deputy public defender for the county since 2006, will face Summer Stephan, the interim incumbent appointed by Bonnie Dumanis, for the position of District Attorney (DA). Jones-Wright recently took the time to tell CULTURE a bit about herself and her views on a variety of topics that are important to those she seeks to serve.


How have your personal experiences shaped who you are as an attorney?

I come from a place where diversity is looked upon as a strength, and we know that we are only as strong and as safe as the most vulnerable person among us. So, my entire focus as an attorney is to make sure that the voiceless have a voice, that marginalized groups are given the representation under the law that they are guaranteed, and that vulnerable are protected and their rights are safeguarded.


What would be your top priority as DA?

My top priority in general is ensuring that our justice system in San Diego County is actually just and fair for every person no matter their income level, education level, job title, ZIP Code™, race, gender or religion. Obviously there are other equally important issues.


How has your passion for justice shaped your beliefs, and how that will, in turn, benefit the voters?

There is a need to stop our children from being institutionalized, which starts at a very young age. The numbers from our own DA’s office show that children of color are prosecuted as adults more often than white children. That is a systemic failure.

I have a deep concern about the corruption that has been allowed to fester in our county without impunity. As DA, I will hold every person accountable under the law even if they wear a badge and even if they are a public official.

I have a deep concern about the corruption that has been allowed to fester in our county without impunity. As DA, I will hold every person accountable under the law even if they wear a badge and even if they are a public official.

You are well respected in the cannabis community, not only for your progressive views on the topic, but also for your transparency and willingness to listen to their concerns, and speak up for them at debates and other events. Can you promise that, as DA, you will remain loyal to the needs of the cannabis community in all respects—recreational, business, and perhaps most importantly, our medically dependent patients?

Absolutely. My message has remained consistent because my message is consistent with who I am as a person. My belief systems and values inform my platform. I would never betray the people who have trusted me. I stand with the people at all times. I am unwavering in that.


As a San Diego native, are you happy with the current state of affairs in our city and county?

No. I love my city and my county very much and it has been disheartening to see leaders who are supposed to represent us not reflect our values. For instance, last week the county Board of Supervisors ignored countless community members who spoke out against the Board of Supervisors joining the Trump lawsuit. Not only was this political posturing unnecessary, but it defied the very people they are supposed to be representing.


Our leaders at both the city and county levels have ignored warnings for years about an impending homelessness and housing crisis that we are now faced with. Again, this is a failure of leadership. And instead of trying to fix the actual problems, they are now using our jails as a horrible, temporary fix for the housing crisis we are now facing. Our jails are our biggest mental health facilities. These are all things that need to change and will change with the promise of new leadership in 2018.


You have been endorsed by many groups and individuals, both locally and nationally. How does it feel to be in a position to create positive change?

It feels amazing. The momentum behind this people powered movement is encouraging and inspiring. I’m excited that criminal justice reform is being highlighted in San Diego County and is now getting the attention that it rightfully deserves. People have been getting harmed by the justice system for years and we have the chance to right some wrongs. I feel great about that.


Is there anything else you would like voters to know about before they vote on June 5?

We have a tremendous opportunity for change and true justice. Let’s come out and use our power to bring down the status quo that has made incarceration a business.


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