3C Grape Krush Available at: Cannabal City Collective in Los Angeles.

Before we could finish unscrewing the canister lid, 3C Grape Krush filled the room with a robust, well-rounded sweet aroma that reminded us of a refreshing can of grape soda on a summer day with a side of garden fresh berries. The colors were astonishingly beautiful, green with deep violet stripes and tangerine hairs. Given its Blueberry pedigree, 3C Grape Krush absorbed some of those qualities including its unique terpenes and taste. The flavor was even better with an unusually fruity exhale. With its strong effects on the body, this strain could be ideal for those with restless legs syndrome or those with insomnia. The effects are also more creative than your average indica. Even with the strong body effects, it compels the consumer to create and explore. This is the type of strain you’d smoke before embarking on an art project or an attempt at creative writing.

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