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Oklahoma Sees Growth in Medical Cannabis Sales




The state of Oklahoma is experiencing some major growth in terms of medical cannabis sales.

According to local media outlet KXII in Oklahoma, the state is seeing an increase in cannabis patients and medical cannabis sales since its early days of having very low patient turnout. Now, there are thousands of people seeing medical cannabis treatment across the state. “What did I say, 120,000 or something like that? We blew that out of the water!” said owner dispensary owner Dustin Belvin about the major blowup of cannabis patients. Last year, Belvin predicted a major increase in patients to KXII.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority claims that more than 200,000 people in the state have a medical card, making up about five percent of the population. Tax records show that medical sales exceeded $258 million as of this past October. “We’re educating at such an accelerated pace. Everyone is learning so much quicker than they used to be able to because now the information is flowing freely,” said Belvin about the recent uptick.

While some are still many opposed to medical cannabis in the state, it’s clear that there are many legitimate patients who are looking for relief. “If it was just a fad or whatever, it wouldn’t be going the way that it’s going. So I think that’s an important thing to think about when we talk about how big its getting, how fast it’s getting that big,” said Belvin.

While the state certainly wasn’t initially famous for its acceptance of cannabis, that is quickly starting to change. Oklahoma recently commuted hundreds of non-violent drug sentences and a bill was recently passed to protect cannabis patients in the state. If this pattern continues, 2020 could be a bright year for cannabis in Oklahoma.