JaK D’Rippa

This strange contraption looks like the sorcery of H.H. Holmes or Jack the Ripper. The device allows you to “annihilate” your concentrates without leaving the slightest shred of evidence. The JaK D’Rippa is designed for those who are tired of wasting valuable concentrates after moving them from the container to the piece. No blowtorch means no burns and no mess. The Rip-Tip is best for dabbing out of glass or metal containers. The Rip-Receiver is designed for when the substance goes directly the heating surface, which minimizes transfer losses. Feel free to adjust the heating surface to your heart’s desire with an easy-to-use temperature dial. Just plug this baby in using its power adapter, and you will be awarded unlimited inhalations.

Price: $140-170

MORE INFORMATION: magic-flight.com

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