Celebrating Cannabis with the 4th Annual High Art Competition

High Art Competition

Bloom by Egon Bryan Silva in Philippines

Cannabis in and of itself can help consumers look at their surroundings and their lives in a whole new light. It’s not uncommon for cannabis users to feeling enlightened or creative and when the effects of the plant begin to kick in, beautiful works of art are born. This act has always inspired countless consumers to express themselves, and now there’s an outlet for such talent and creativity. The High Art Contest, hosted by the Natural Cannabis Company and co-sponsored by famous lowbrow, alternative art magazine, Juxtapoz, is bringing back its fourth annual High Art contest to celebrate cannabis-themed artwork from all over the world.

The competition began in 2014, and following three years of success and interest, is returning once again with the opportunity for participants to enter the print, photography or video categories inspired by the theme of “Psychedelia.” This year’s High Art finalists can be viewed here, and they offer a wide variety of styles and approaches to illustrating cannabis consumption and growth. The finalist participants hail from all over the world, including New Zealand, Austria, Canada, Australia, Germany (a total of 63 countries) and multiple states throughout the U.S.

High Art Competition

TV Land by Bill Jonas in Hollywood California

Founder and owner of the Natural Cannabis Company, Dona Frank, is explains the importance of fusing of art and cannabis as it opens up a new frame of artistic inspiration. “High Art was born from the need for creative, interesting packaging for our premium cannabis products and our passion for art,” Frank said. “The result is this incredible contest that has inspired artists around the world to create these inspirational, glorious art pieces representing their experiences with cannabis. The love of art and the love of cannabis are shared experiences that people experience uniquely. It’s amazing to see that in the perspective of so many cultures.”

The submission for the competition lasted one month and ended on March 20. Now, finalists are waiting for 4:20 p.m. pacific standard time today, April 20 to hear who the winners are. The monetary prize total is $45,000, with the overall grand prize netting $15,000, $5,000 to first place winners in every category, $2,500 to 2nd place winners in every category and $500 to third through 10th place winners in each category.

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