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Chicago Police Department Releases Cannabis Facts Video




The Chicago Police Department in Illinois released a video last week that was full of cannabis-related facts to get residents ready for legalization in 2020.

According to ABC 7,  there are ordinances against smoking cannabis in public and other specific laws, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has also previously prohibited selling cannabis downtown and there are certain rules and regulations that residents need to know when 2020 rolls around.

In the video, the Chicago Police Department makes it clear about where consumers will still be able to consume cannabis. It explains that it is still illegal to consume cannabis in many spaces, including “motor vehicles, CTA property including buses and trains, school grounds, restaurants and bars, or anything deemed a ‘public place.’” The video also further goes on to define a public space as “any place where a person can reasonably be expected to be observed by others such as streets, sidewalks, parks and playground and front porches.”

The video, which is also available on the department’s Facebook page, they also outline other specifics, like the fact that up to 30 grams of cannabis flower and five grams of cannabis concentrate are allowed for possession at a time, and only those 21 and older will be able to possess and consume cannabis. Private sales will be illegal, and cannabis will only be available at licensed retailers, and only those with a medical card will be able to grow cannabis at home.

When Illinois first announced legalization, many were disappointed about the specific legal zones established by the mayor in Chicago and many still blame local Chicago police for busting people of color and other minorities for cannabis. This video represents a leap of faith from the police department regarding a substance that the organization has long been enforcing.