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By the Numbers

By the Numbers – October 2018




Bay Area

The number of votes cast by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, out of five, that were in favor of permanently banning cannabis cultivation in unincorporated parts of the southern Bay Area : 3 (Source: San Jose Inside)

The amount of money, in dollars, that Solano County collected in recreational cannabis tax revenue during the second quarter of 2018: 323,438 (Source: Times-Herald)

The number of California State Senate votes, out of 38, that were cast in favor of a bill that would allow veterinarians to discuss cannabis as a treatment option with pet owners: 37 (Source: California Legislative Information)

The number of recreational cannabis dispensaries that have legally opened in the city of Redding in 2018: 1 (Source: KRCR)


The number of cannabis-involved traffic fatalities in Colorado recorded during 2017, which has increased by 64 incidents since cannabis sales began in 2014: 139 (Source: The Gazette)

The estimated number of illegal cannabis plants found on public lands that were seized by the U.S. Attorney’s Colorado office: 71,000 (Source: Daily Record)

The maximum amount of money, in dollars, that it costs a cannabis business to run a pesticide test on a single strain in Colorado: 120 (Source: The Denver Post)

The amount of money, in dollars, that dispensary owners report as the average ounce of cannabis in Pueblo: 60 (Source: KRDO)

Los Angeles

The number of dispensaries that began selling recreational cannabis in Long Beach in late-August and early September: 6 (Source: Long Beach Post)

The number of people who were recently charged with misdemeanor charges from the Los Angeles Police Department in connection to illegal cannabis businesses, cultivation sites, extraction labs and delivery services: 515 (Source: Los Angeles Times)

The number of Californian cannabis samples that were tested between July 1, 2017 and Aug. 29, 2018 by the Bureau of Cannabis Control: 10,695 (Source: ABC News)

The total number of cannabis companies that have received approval to operate from the Costa Mesa Planning Commission: 13 (Source: Los Angeles Times)


The number of votes from the Ann Arbor City Council, out of nine, in favor of rejecting a new ordinance that would have placed additional limitations on medical cannabis businesses in the city: 6 (Source:

The estimated percentage of Michigan students between ages 19 to 22 who said that they have consumed cannabis at least once in the past year, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan: 38 (Source: University of Michigan)

The age of one elderly Michigan resident who was arrested for possession of one-eighth of an ounce of medical cannabis while holding an expired medical cannabis card: 80 (Source: Fox17)


The number of pages of text contained in the recently approved Michigan state recreational cannabis ballot proposal: 5 (Source: Detroit Free Press)

San Diego

The number of votes from the Oceanside City Council, out of five, that were cast in favor of approving two medical cannabis delivery services: 3 (Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune)

The number of days that cannabis can be traced in breast milk, according to a University of California, San Diego study: 6 (Source: UC San Diego Health)

The number of valid signatures from registered voters that were collected to get a cannabis-related initiative on the 2020 ballot for Encinitas: 4,040 (Source: Del Mar Times)


The number of Californian cannabis samples that were tested between July 1 and Aug. 29 by the Bureau of Cannabis Control: 10,695 (Source: ABC News)


The number of employees at Seattle-based dispensary chain Have A Heart who are now unionized with the United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 21 (UFCW21) : 134 (Source: KOMO News)

The number of dispensary locations that the Have a Heart company owns in Seattle, Washington: 5 (Source: KATU)

The amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that an Ontario, Oregon-based cannabis dispensary donated toward a local aquatic center in early September: 25 (Source: U.S. News)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will request from state lawmakers to assist in tracking medical cannabis: 7 (Source: Statesman Journal)


The estimated percentage of U.S. adults who said that they consumed cannabis in 2017: 14 (Source: The Washington Post)

The estimated amount of money, in millions of Canadian dollars, that Health Canada plans to invest in cannabis education over the next six years: 100 (Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

The number of medical cannabis dispensary applications that were submitted to the state of New Jersey prior to the application deadline in mid-August: 146 (Source:

The estimated percentage of American cannabis-infused edibles sales that reflects its compound annual growth rate between 2018 and 2022: 25 (Source: Technavio)