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By the Numbers

By The Numbers – February 2019




Bay Area

The number of cannabis dispensaries in Vallejo that members of the Martinez City Council and Planning Commission visited in January: 2 (Source: NBC Bay Area)

The number of recall notices that were sent to cannabis distributors and retailers in California because their cannabis products were tested by a lab facility that faked its results: 29 (Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

The estimated amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the city of San Jose expects to collect in cannabis business tax revenue between 2018 and the end of 2019: 14 (Source: The Mercury News)

The number of applicants in San Francisco who qualify for the city’s cannabis equity program, as of the end of 2018: 227 (Source: HuffPost


The percentage of sales revenue that was generated by recreational cannabis sales in Colorado over the past five years: 78 (Source: Yahoo! Finance)

The number of cannabis-related bills that have been introduced to the Colorado General Assembly for review, as of mid-January: 7 (Source: Westword)

The amount of money, in billions of dollars, that was collected by the state of Colorado in combined recreational and medical cannabis sales between 2014 and Oct. 2018: 2.28 (Source: The Denver Channel)

The number of cannabis dispensaries in Denver where medical and/or recreational cannabis can be purchased, as of late January: 216 (Source: The Denver Channel)

Los Angeles

The number of temporary and annual licenses that the Bureau of Cannabis Control has issued to California cannabis retail stores and dispensaries since legalization was approved by voters in 2016: 547 (Source: Los Angeles Times)

The number of cities in Los Angeles County, out of 88, that prohibit retail sales of recreational cannabis, as of the end of 2018: 82 (Source: Pasadena Weekly)

The projected amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the city of Los Angeles is expected to collect in the 2018-2019 fiscal year in legal cannabis sales: 40 (Source: Los Angeles Magazine)

The number of votes, out of five, that the Laguna Beach City Council cast in favor of granting a conditional use permit to a beauty business that plans to sell CBD products: 4 (Source: Los Angeles Times)


The number of communities in Michigan that opted to prohibit recreational cannabis businesses, as of Dec. 27, 2018: 60 (Source: The Detroit News)

The amount of cannabis, in ounces, that any adult in Michigan can legally gift to another adult resident: 2.5 (Source: Forbes)


The estimated number of Michigan medical cannabis provisioning centers that have closed, as of Dec. 31, 2018: 70 (Source: WXYZ Detroit)

The number of medical cannabis provisioning centers operating in southwest Michigan, as of Jan. 2: 5 (Source: WWMT) 


The number of new cannabis-themed courses offered in Tacoma Community College during Winter Quarter 2019: 2 (Source: The News Tribune)

The estimated amount of money, in millions of dollars, that Washington State collected in cannabis sales revenue in 2018: 534.06 (Source: The Statistics Portal)

The amount of cannabis flower, in millions of pounds, that the state of Oregon had ready to sell at the beginning of 2019: 1.3 (Source: Willamette Week)

The estimated amount of recreational cannabis, in pounds, that Oregon residents consumed in 2018: 166,000 (Source: Willamette Week)


The projected amount of money, in billions of dollars, that consumers will spend on recreational cannabis worldwide in 2019: 18.1 (Source: Investor’s Business Daily)

The number of U.S. senators, out of 100, who voted in favor of the Farm Bill legalizing industrial hemp in the United States: 87 (Source: The Washington Post)

The percentage of cannabis-related arrests between Jan. 1 and Nov. 23 of 2018 in New York City that involved minorities: 89 (Source: NY Daily News)

The estimated number of years that have passed since the state of Arkansas last allowed cannabis to be legally planted: 96 (Source: 40/29 News)