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Bill to Allow Children to Consume Medical Cannabis on Campus Reintroduced




State Rep. Brian Blake has been inspired to help children in Washington who need to consume medical cannabis but are currently unable to consume on campus for some time. Over the past few years, he has introduced numerous bills to congress in hopes of receiving traction, and now is finally receiving the necessary attention.

House Bill 1095 was approved by the House on Tues, March 12. “I’ve been pushing these bills for a couple of years and I am truly happy that this body gave them the green light this time,” said Blake in a statement on his website. “Like Ducky, there are other children in our state who struggle with seizures or other disorders and I am convinced that these bills will make their lives better.”

The bill came to fruition through the story of a young girl named Ducky, who suffers from seizures regularly. She responds best to cannabis treatments via CBD, however state law does not allow her parents to administer her treatment on school campus. Rather, they must take her home to provide her with medicine, which often causes gaps in her attendance at school. “It doesn’t have to be this way,” Blake added. “We can help these kids so they can have the same opportunity to learn and enjoy school as any other Washington student.”

The bill has since moved to the Senate, where it was first read on Thurs, March 14. If it passes that hurdle, it will move on to the desk of Gov. Jay Inslee for final review. If approved, it would allow students to medicate both at school, as well as on a school bus or at any event sponsored by the school. Policies will be established by school districts to ensure safe consumption by young patients who need treatment.

Additionally, Blake is also sponsoring another bill that removes the requirement for a cannabis patient to be physically present when renewing their medical card if a doctor recognizes that it would be a “severe hardship.”