3C Sauce Available at: Coast to Coast Collective in Canoga Park.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is one of the frostiest-looking varieties that reviewers at CULTURE have sampled in a while. Upon opening, the strain emits a powerful creamy and skunk smell that was definitely unique and almost smelled like baby powder. The jumbo-sized nuggets were bulbous yet fluffy, and when broken up, they littered crystals all over—so use a grinder with a kief catcher with this strain. Unlike most sativa-dominant strains, it carried as much power as any indica. It exceeded our expectations, and we felt a sudden rush to the head that was overwhelmingly pleasant and creative. It has noticeably more visual effects than most other sativa-dominant strains. It reminded us of other more visually enhanced strains like LSD. This strain should be tried for its unusual flavor alone, but the long-lasting sativa effects and visual enhancement are an added bonus.

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