• Letter from the Editor

    2009 – A Great Year for Medical Cannabis With the economy still gasping like an old man crawling across a desert, it would be easy to dismiss 2009 as The Bad Year—the year for which nothing

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  • Holiday Gift Guide

    Imperial Puzzle Rug Sometimes the hardest piece of the home-design puzzle is finding that right rug for tying the whole room together. Why not try a rug that’s a puzzle in itself? Imperial rug

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  • Growers’ Circle

    How to Choose your Lighting By Dr. Who Lighting is one of the most important aspects of indoor growing. There are so many different kinds that it can be very confusing. The most common types are HID

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  • Strain & Edible Reviews

    Top Shelf Kush From Nature’s Top Shelf Medicinals in Long Beach, this 65/35 indica-sativa hybrid possesses nearly all of the qualities of both varieties and somehow manages to be a smooth,

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  • News Nuggets

    THE STATE Lenders foreclose on Eddy Lepp’s farm The family of imprisoned cannabis advocate and grower Eddy Lepp has been hit with another major blow—lenders are foreclosing on the family’s

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