Zlixir Premium Jack Shatter


Available wherever Zlixir products are carried.

New to the market—Zlixir is back at it again with another top-shelf concentrate. Last year, they wowed Bay Area extract-lovers with top-shelf crumble. Now Zlixir nails a top-shelf shatter with the same great terpene profile and taste! This solid cannabis resin tests at 71.2 percent THC—or three times stronger than flowers—yet still has an amazing sweet/piny terpene profile. The source strain Jack Herer is among the world’s leading sativas, combining Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1 and Haze. Grown indoors, Zlixir used butane to concentrate the plant’s essential oils, and tested it for purity through CW Analytical in Oakland. Dabbers are going to love this extract on a nail or e-nail. Expect an energetic, uplifting and euphoric effect that goes great with an active day.

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