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Zana Ayurvedic CBD Transdermal Roll-On



Available wherever Legion of Bloom products are carried.

Topical pain relief is revolutionized with Legion of Bloom’s newest Ayurvedic transdermal roll-on product. Simply roll the applicator on any sore or achy areas to experience pain relief and witness muscle tension and pain disappear. It works great on the neck, knees and ankles (really, any high stress areas), and the relieving effects take place quite quickly. The Ayurvedic blend of essential oils doesn’t leave any oily films or residues on the skin, so it is very comfortable to use at any time. An enticing pine smell radiates from this roll-on cloaking the user with a mild and pleasurable fragrance. The Zana Ayurvedic CBD Transdermal Roll-On even took third place at the most recent Emerald Cup in the CBD Topicals category. Legion of Bloom has established itself as a quality provider of cannabis products, and the Zana Roll-On exemplifies its commitment to quality.

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