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Your Highness Churros




Taking the pre-roll market by storm, the Churros created by Your Highness are a clever spin on the traditional pre-roll. Showcasing over two grams of premium bud wrapped tightly in organic RAW papers, the Churros are additionally slathered in top-notch terpene-infused oil by Gold Drop and furthermore rolled in finely ground cannabis, giving it the incomparable texture it is known for. Traditional churros are rolled up dough, dipped in hot oil, and sprinkled in cinnamon sugar, thus giving these pre-rolls the perfect comparable name! Consumers can find strain specific pre-rolls to treat a variety of ailments. A slow and even burn is always the mark of a carefully executed pre-roll, and the churros smolder patiently and precisely from the first drag to the last puff. Your Highness believes everyone is a born anointed King and Queen, and with one puff of these royal pre-rolls they want to remind you of the crown you truly wear.

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