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WSLCB Releases $1.2 Million of Cannabis after Tests Show no Pesticide Issues





On June 23, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) released approximately $1.2 million of cannabis after testing showed no pesticides had been found. The WSLCB has ordered an administrative hold on the cannabis after a sample testing of the plant clippings contained residue of pesticides not approved for use on cannabis. The company, BMF, contested the results from the sample, and requested that the WSLCB do further testing to prove they were not in fact using any unapproved pesticides. The WSLCB retested nearly 800 pounds of cannabis, and all came back clean, with no residue of unapproved pesticides.

The release of this held cannabis allows BMF to finish production and preparation of the cannabis to market and supply retailers throughout Washington under the Liberty Reach brand, in just a few weeks.

The WSLCB has continued its administrative hold of a smaller quantity of cannabis, however, and has ordered its destruction based on the first round of state testing. BMF is considering appealing that order and asking for a similar retesting process. The state also extended the hold to include a small quantity of cannabis concentrate.

“We understand and appreciate that the WSLCB has been given the daunting task of creating and enforcing a completely new set of standards and rules for an industry that is growing very, very quickly,” Peter Saladino from BMF said, according to Market Wired. “We appreciate their willingness to go the extra step to ensure fairness in dealing with responsible growers as they’ve done with BMF.”

Many producers like BMF are taking the rigorous testing protocols in Washington very seriously, and conducting their own purity and transparency protocols, using independent testing regimens that exceed the required testing of the state, and allowing consumers to view and access quality and pesticide-compliance test results online for each and every retail package of cannabis products. But, third party testing labs must meet certain certification criteria in order to be certified as a lab that is allowed to test useable cannabis and cannabis products under the I-502 regulatory system in Washington. The accreditation criteria, application package, certification process and cost are subject to change without notice, and require constant attention to remain compliant.

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