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Women who are Making their Mark in the Cannabis Sector




Although the cannabis business sector is largely male-dominated, female entrepreneurs and activists are known as significant influencers in the booming industry.

According to a recent survey, 36 percent of the executives in the cannabis market are women. This is an increase from the percentage of women who hold executive roles in all markets, which was found as 22 percent of women by Pew Research Center.

With so many prominent women moving the cannabis industry forward, it is only appropriate to once again shout out some of the top female entrepreneurs in the cannabis sector. Influencing public policy, educating the market, setting operational standards and making millions, find out how the following 12 cannabis businesswomen are taking the industry by storm.

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Dale Headshot 3Dale Sky Jones is the Executive Chancellor at Oaksterdam University as well as the Chairwoman at The Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform. A prominent activist in the cannabis industry, Sky Jones was considered to be one of the leading media spokespersons for Yes on Proposition 19 in California. Sky Jones and Oaksterdam University are hugely successful in establishing top quality education, skills and support on the control, regulation and taxation for the cannabis industry.

PaintAmy Poinsett
and Jessica Billingsley are Co-Founders of MJ Freeway Business Solutions, and they both are considered national industry experts in their field. Amy Poinsett is the Chief Executive Officer of MJ Freeway Business Solutions, and Jessica Billingsley is the company’s Chief Operating Officer. These two women created software solutions made solely for the sale of cannabis at the onset of Colorado’s cannabis legalization. With top quality software and impeccable timing, MJ Freeway Business Solutions has been recognized on the Inc.5000 fastest-growing companies list.

jaz and jane

 Two more powerful women in the cannabis sector are Jazmin Hupp and Jane West. Jazmin Hupp is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Women Grow, which is an organization that brings together various types of leaders in the cannabis industry through networking, education and support. Forbes and Fortune Magazine recognized Hupp for her expert entrepreneurial skills within the cannabis industry. Jane West is the Founder & National Events Director of Women Grow. She is also the CEO of Jane West Enterprises, which features her collection of cannabis accessories that are geared toward the female consumer. West is also the owner of Edible Events—a mainstream events company is cannabis friendly.

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Another powerful businesswoman is AC Braddock. Braddock is the Chief Executive Officer at the extremely successful multi-million dollar technology company, Eden Labs. She also remains active in the industry by serving on two boards, The National Cannabis Industry Association and Council of Responsible Cannabis Regulation. In addition to these two boards, Braddock is also a member of The Marijuana Business Association’s Women’s Alliance and as well as another Washington-based cannabis business group, Women of Weed.

 Anne Holland and Cassandra Farrington are Co-Founders of Marijuana Business Media. Anne Holland’s success in the cannabis industry is due to her role in electronic publishing as the founder of Anne Holland Ventures, which is dedicated to publishing and professional education. Cassandra Farrington is the President at Anne Holland Ventures Inc., and it’s safe to say this two-woman powerhouse is connecting cannabis industry professionals in a big way.

 You don’t have to be from Maine to know about the thriving Chief Operating Officer of Wellness Connection of Maine, Patricia Rosi. She runs four state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in Maine. Since 2011 her multi-million dollar company has grown to over 200 employees and counting. This wealthy businesswoman is providing her community with top quality medical cannabis and turning a huge profit.


chong Last but undoubtedly not least, established photographer and creative director, Ophelia Chong, has gained notoriety in the cannabis industry since her launch of This company was the first of its kind, because it hosts cannabis specific stock photography, videos and illustrations that are rights-free and rights-managed. Chong’s attention to professional photos along with a persistent will to bring this much-needed resource into existence is worth noting.


The progress of the medical and recreational cannabis industries is largely in part due to strong and successful women entrepreneurs. This is only scratching the surface of powerful, strong women who rock the cannabis sector day in and out, as they are many other women who dedicate their lives to making a difference in our community every day.


Did your favorite female entrepreneur not make the list? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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