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Winery Releases One of the World’s First THC-Infused Wines



Rebel Coast Winery recently released a THC-infused wine product that it boasts is the first of its kind.

This particular Sauvignon Blanc was created in partnership with ebbu, a Colorado-based cannabinoid-research and development company. According to a press release, the infused wine is already selling quickly and plans for other types of wine are already in the works.

One of the main selling points of this wine is the low calorie count, which is due to the lack of alcohol. “No alcohol, no hangover and best of all, only 35 calories per glass,” said Rebel Coast Co-Founder and Winemaker, Chip Forsythe. “Rebel Coast Winery wanted to make sure consumers could enjoy themselves and have confidence that they wouldn’t overdo it with THC.” The wine was cultivated in Sonoma County, and then put through a process to remove the alcohol.

Each bottle has 20mg of THC, with each glass containing approximately 5mg. As a white wine, the Sauvignon Blanc is light, and its citrus flavors make it a good match with meals that contain fish or chicken. Best of all, the THC is fast-acting, so diners won’t have to wait long after having wine with dinner to feel the effects. “This wine represents the future of cannabis infusion,” said Jon Cooper, ebbu CEO. “Consistency in experience is what ebbu provides with our HydroPS technology. Rebel Coast Winery is smartly thinking ahead of the curve.”

For Rebel Coast Winery, HydroPS is a solution that’s both water-soluble and shelf-stable, which ensures that their wine products provide “consistent, predictable, fast-acting sensations” when consumed. As a result, Forsythe states that “it’s insanely good.”

The Sauvignon Blanc is currently purchasable for $59.99 and is currently only available in California. Although this is ebbu’s only THC-infused wine at the moment, the brand is rapidly expanding and plans to offer its products in dispensaries in Canada, as well as other international locations, by Spring 2019.

“The winemakers at Rebel Coast are changing the game,” said Cooper. “Cannabis-infused beverages are one of the fastest growing segments of the California market, and this is a sign of even more exciting things to come.”

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