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Available at ReLeaf Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Portland.

This brightly colored greenish-yellow strain is exclusive to medical patients. It has a very high THC content for flower (29.77 percent) and can be found at ReLeaf Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Portland. The smell of the flower has red wine and citrus notes, while the taste of the smoke is very sweet and fresh, almost minty. A good inhale will hit you hard in the back of the throat, but the burning doesn’t last long. At first, the feeling is in your head and at the top of your spine. It then creeps down your back, and slowly envelopes your body. The effect is thoughtful and productive. The nugs themselves are dense but also break up very easily. This would be a good strain for a patient breaking it up by hand, without a grinder. It could also easily be smoked with a spoon pipe.

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