White Widow

There’s much dispute in grower land about the parentage of this by-now classic strain and there’s zero we can do to advance the conversation. That said, this indica is one of our favorite strains of all time and it’s not just because it won the Cannabis Cup back in ’95. Nope, White Widow packs an epic punch of pain killing power with just enough sativa in its lineage to keep that punch from knocking you out. Famed for its dense white trichomes, this example from Natures Resource Center in Tacoma lives up to the fame and is pleasant to combust. This is also an excellent strain for anxiety and overall stress, but keep its use to evenings and those rainy winter nights. Yes, it’s that strong. In fact, this White Widow literally feels so strong that it could punch through walls. But that’s what patients like, isn’t it?

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