White Tara by Harmony Farms Available wherever: Harmony Farms products are carried.

It seems that Harmony Farms is not capable of growing anything short of excellent cannabis flower. This White Tara exceeded expectations. The flower is exquisitely beautiful. The leaves range in color from dark to light green, with touches of purple at the base, and they are covered in an extremely thick coat of crystals, so thick in fact, that it obscures the green color of the leaves. Light orange hairs are generously distributed throughout the flower giving it a diverse and varied color palette with several shades of green, purple, orange and iridescent white crystals. The fragrance of this flower is subtle and pleasant, with floral notes complementing a pleasant forest smell. The CULTURE team used a water pipe to sample this stunning flower and noted that the flower had a forward floral flavor, with a strong pungent and forest-like finish. The indica-dominant strain’s effects were true to an indica, with a calming and blissful nature that came over the team soon after sampling. This flower is ideal for any activity that involves chilling, whether you’re going to a movie, enjoying a game night or just simply staying home.

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