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White Gorilla




Available at Hypeherbally in Lynnwood.

This flower is pretty much a cannabis grower, processor, or just consumer’s dream. The result of White, crossed with Gorilla Glue #4, is this insanely gorgeous flower. The buds are huge, long and dense, with all of the weight in the flower, not the stem. To say the crystal density was terrific, is an understatement. Two crystalline strains crossed, produced genetics that are perhaps even more crystal-packed than its predecessors. It was literally impossible to say what shade of green the leaves were because they were so covered in white crystals. Hairs were sparse, light orange and tangled in the THC. The fragrance was sweet, strong, and piney, exhibiting the best traits from both of its parental strains. After consuming this product in a water pipe, the flavor was reminiscent of the fragrance with hints of sweetness and pine, but the flavor had a more prominent earthy tone as well. Once consumed, we were impacted with a tranquil and joyous feeling that lasted longer than your average flower effect. Though not a provider of steady energy, this strong bud is not incapacitating either. It would be the perfect companion to paint a picture, take a walk to the beach or binge watch your favorite series on Netflix. Depending on the tolerance and preferences of the user, this flower may be appropriate for daily medicinal use as well.

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