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White Chocolate Mocha Mix






Available wherever Medizen products are carried.

Whether it’s traveling, public sporting events, an apres ski or a stay-cation with the PlayStation 4—there are so some many good uses for this medicated White Chocolate Mocha Mix by Medizen. It comes in a small, resealable, smell-proof, silver pouch and the Mocha Mix is infused with 100mg of THC (10 standard doses). Just tear pouch and pour into hot milk, water or black coffee for a chocolatey, coffee dessert, with a hint of cannabis oil. Medizen uses ServeSafe-certified production techniques and CO2 cannabis oil that’s lab-tested for quality assurance. The source strain is a mix of organically grown Hybrid Kush and Sour Diesel, and patients are eating such indica hybrid edibles to for more long-lasting, sedating management of dozens of different conditions like chronic pain, neuropathy, migraine, depression, PTSD and PMS.