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White Buffalo





Available at The Higher Path Collective in Sherman Oaks. 

The White Buffalo exists in Native-American mythology as a symbol of abundance and the fulfillment of a sacred life. The hard-to-find White Buffalo strain can fortunately be found at The Higher Path Collective in Sherman Oaks. Exhibiting a dark green coloration, the expansive nugs emit a heavy green musky smell that just reeks of naturalness. An abundance of crystal trichomes cover the bud with areas so dark as to have been seemingly cast by shadows. The nugs are dense and compact breaking apart easily and burning smoothly with a mild lavender taste. The onset is rapid but like the taste, it is mild at first. Escalation is not long in coming and increases both body and mind perceptions. The escalation continues becoming warmly uplifting and euphoric. At what point the escalation levels out is highly individualistic but will be universally satisfying for most consumers.

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