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Waterproof Hemp Shoes Funded on Kickstarter




Shoes are one of the most important articles of clothing that you can buy for yourself—the human body needs support no matter where it goes. There are countless shoe brands on the market, all created to look fashionable or feel comfortable. Now, a new Kickstarter project is boasting the creation of a shoe made of hemp that is not only made of eco-friendly ingredients, but is also completely waterproof as well. In this case, we’re taking a look at the recently funded Kickstarter project for DopeKicks.

Many studies have proven how it is healthy to eat and is a versatile ingredient used for a variety of industries. DopeKicks recognizes this, and is claiming to be one of the first waterproof and “eco-friendly shoes made from hemp.” DopeKicks’ shoes are made from vegan materials including hemp fibers, recycled rubber and cork, all of which contribute to improving upon the traditional way of making shoes. “The global shoe industry makes over 25 billion pairs a year and most of them end up in landfills, or worse, in our oceans. By supporting our project you are directly contributing to remove these dirty shoes from the environment and transform them into something good,” the project’s Kickstarter page states. Most importantly, the people creating these kicks also claim that they will come with a fully waterproof exterior through the use of hemp, which has been made to repel water, as well as an insulating membrane.

Best of all, the creation of these particular shoes will be created in Portugal from workers who will receive a fair salary. “Currently, 90 percent of the world’s footwear is produced in Asia,” the Kickstarter page explains. “Most of the times workers are treated very poorly including precarious salaries, endless days and scarce security in their factories. We chose Portugal for several reasons. The local shoe industry is huge and it has been supplying top world brands with nothing but the best quality, and we know we are delivering real value to people, not only our customers but also to the employees, the ones working hard to build DopeKicks.”

DopeKicks has a strict schedule in mind for the creation of this product. The crowdfunding campaign began in May and ends in just four days. Production has already begun for those who donated to the project earlier on and if all goes well, the shoes will be delivered to customers as early as September.

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