Washington Senate Passes Bill to Allow Medical Cannabis At School

The Washington Senate recently passed a bill that would allow parents to give and oversee certain types of medical cannabis to their children in school premises. The bill has been approved specifically for children suffering from chronic medical conditions who require medical cannabis for relief.

According to the Legislator’s Guide to Washington’s Marijuana Laws, patients meet this criteria only if their condition is “severe enough to significantly interfere with the patient’s activities of daily living and ability to function.” In order for the new law to apply, the child as well as the caregiver must be registered in the state’s database of official consumers of medical cannabis and have a physician’s consent. The bill also strictly requires that parents administer the treatment in private while in school property or whilst attending school-sponsored events.

The new bill would only allow cannabis-infused products but prohibit smokable cannabis as well as products high in THC. “THC is what recreational users use to get high,” said Sen. Ann Rivers “You could eat CBD all day long and never cop a buzz.”

When the bill was proposed earlier last month, The Spokesman-Review reported that the advocates of the bill emphasized the essentiality of such a law for students currently under CBD treatment to attend school without disruption.  “I think it’s worth any risk that might be there,” said Sen. Curtis King. “These families need our help.”

According to The Seattle Times’ report, a new proposal to amend existing cannabis testing regulations has also passed the Washington Senate. The current cannabis laws oblige the state Liquor and Cannabis Control Board to manage the conditions and requirements involved with cannabis testing. A report led by the Washington Department of Ecology has revealed discrepancies in the testing rules and confirms the absence of a comprehensive standard for all cannabis labs.  Under a bill approved by the Senate, the management of cannabis labs would be assigned to the Department of Ecology and a network of work groups would be in charge of researching issues related to cannabis standards and safety. If the bill gets final approval, the Ecology Department will be obligated to issue drafts outlining the new testing standards in 2020 and 2021.“In the nascency of the industry we had a lot of people pop up and say they were labs,” said Rivers. “It’s going to make for safer products.”

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