Warming Up your Winter with Weed

WeedWith so many inclement weather days in the Pacific Northwest lately, it’s easy to become bored and feel cooped up in the house. Here are 10 fun ways to use marijuana to get through the winter storms, and to make snow days your favorite days of the year.

Plan ahead. Don’t wait until the roads get icy snow covered to make a trip to the dispensary. As soon as you see a snowy forecast, grab your wallet and don’t hesitate to spend more than usual, you wont want to get stuck at home without it.

Stock up. Try to get as many varieties of weed as you can, including some hybrids. Sampling different strains can be really fun. Take notes on what you liked best for next time.

Try something new. Going to be stuck at home for a while? Might be a good time to finally try that edible you’ve had your eye on, or something a little heavier than you normally would smoke. Try dabbing or vaping for the first time, but always start slowly.

Get crafty. Practice rolling joints and roll a bag to store away for later. Do some coloring or cross stitching, or get your friends together and make a snow bong in the backyard.

Savor your naps. Make sure to pick up a good indica strain on your trip to the dispensary. Have a big lunch, take a few bong rips, and let yourself fall asleep without worry.

Get stuff done. Take a few tokes of a classic sativa strain and put on your favorite dance music. Snow days are the best time to clean the floors or organize your closet. And make sure to reward yourself with some hot chocolate when you’re done.

Marijuana movie marathon. Play some of the classics like Cheech and Chong, The Big Lebowski, Dazed and Confused, Bill and Ted, or Jay and Silent Bob. Have your weed ground and your snacks prepped before you start.

Smoking / drinking game. Work’s been canceled, there’s no better time to get cross-faded than when you don’t have to set an alarm for the next day. Come up with some fun rules with your roommates, like every time someone says, “snow’” you take a drink, or do simultaneous bong rips at 4:20.

Bake. Try baking pot brownies, or make canna-butter for the fist time. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube and you can easily Google a good brownie recipe. Then settle in and enjoy.

Enjoy the outdoors (if you can). If it isn’t too cold or stormy out, find your inner child and go sledding or start a snowball fight with your neighbors. But don’t forget to smoke your favorite strain before heading out, and treat yourself to a hot bath when you get back inside.

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