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Wana Tarts Black Cherry (CBD/THC 1:1)



There’s probably no better way to consume daily microdoses of CBD and THC than with chewable pressed tarts that you can pop into your mouth at any time of day, with the highest level of discretion possible. With a CBD/THC ratio of 1:1, each tangy tart is infused with 5mg CBD and 5mg THC for light psychoactive effects, but balanced with the benefits of CBD. Wana Tarts come in other flavors and potencies such as Hibiscus Lemonade or Mixed Berry, both with 5mg of THC per piece, and no CBD. Made using all natural, vegan and gluten-free ingredients, the tarts also contain flavor-packed terpenes that are preserved in the cooking process so that you can taste the difference. Your fall adventures from apple picking to hayrides just got a lot more exciting, thanks to Wana Brands.

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