Volunteer Period Opens for Foria Study on Cannabis Menstrual Suppositories

Foria Wellness, a company that creates cannabis products that provide natural solutions female pain, pleasure and relief, announced on Oct. 11 that it is calling for any volunteers who want to participate in a cannabis-infused menstrual suppository study.

The study will be conducted by Staci Gruber, PhD, who is currently an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and also director of the McLean Hospital’s cannabis research program. It will be centered around Foria Relief, a vaginal suppository that strives to relieve menstrual discomfort. “What we’re looking to do is take anecdotal information and turn it into data,” Gruber said to Business Insider.

This observational study will investigate the effects of Foria’s suppositories through the experience of up to 400 female volunteers. The study is funded both by Foria as well as Flow Kana, a California-based cannabis cultivator, processor and distributor.

According to Foria, women have waited far too long to safely relieve themselves from period pains. “Doctors regularly dismiss women’s complaints about pain, and Big Pharma continues to treat painful menstruation and related conditions (like PCOS and endometriosis) with hormonal birth control, ibuprofen and opioids—all of which can have unpleasant and even dangerous side-effects throughout your body,” the Foria website states. “Women’s pain and discomfort have been ignored by the mainstream medical establishment for too long. Let’s change that. Now.”

Interested participants should inquire about the study here by providing their email address. The study is open to all women who are between the ages of 21 and 55, and must reside in the state of California. Once enough applicants have applied, a variety of women will be chosen to receive two-month supply of the product, with instructions on how to proceed. Anonymous questionnaires will be sent to participants each month.

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