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Available at SFVDM Collective in Van Nuys.

Most people might think VIP stands for Very Important Person, but in this case it means Very Imperative Pot. If you are into upwardly mobilizing cannabis then it is imperative to visit the SFVDM Collective in Van Nuys and obtain a portion of this noteworthy proprietary strain that is smooth and potent. Astonishingly large crystalline trichomes predominate the tight unusually shaped nugs which exude a pleasant lavender aroma. The effects are swift and pronounced surrounding your head and then moving inward. Many will find it to be bodily innervating and outwardly motivating. This is excellent morning cannabis taken with your morning cup of java to help get your day underway in an uplifting and focused manner. In the evening, it is wonderful to accompany you for a night on the town.

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