Veteran Creates Guide to Growing Legally

Every year CULTURE pays homage to the countless veterans who have supported this country, and especially salute the veterans who are helping the cannabis industry progress. With Veterans Day occurring on Sunday, Nov. 11, we here at CULTURE are highlighting  one special veteran and his YouTube project, entitled VETSGROW. Content creator Matt Grimshaw saw an opportunity to utilize YouTube as a platform to teach military veterans how to cultivate their own medical cannabis at home.

Many veterans are still discovering how cannabis can help treat their various medical conditions, but it isn’t always clear how to approach cannabis. Currently, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs still follows federal law, not allowing VA health care providers to recommend cannabis or help secure cannabis for vets. This means that veterans often seek out other fellow veterans to better understand where to start and what they might need.

Fulfilling this mission and reaching a larger audience than he could by consulting with veterans one-on-one, VETSGROW became Grimshaw’s passion project. So far there are four episodes that tackle various questions that have been asked by veterans before. More than the basics, these videos touch on various tips, how to choose clones, what veterans need to know about doing everything legally, and how to grow cannabis. Each episode is around 30 minutes long and offers a wealth of information to veterans everywhere.

Although this is just the beginning for Grimshaw, there are strong plans in the works to continue VETSGROW into its second season sometime in 2019. Season 1 was limited to tips on growing legally in California; however, Season 2 aims to explore other facets of the cannabis industry across the country. Grimshaw has worked with many veteran organizations in the past, such as Veterans Cannabis Group and Sonoma County Vet-Connect, and plans to connect with even more during the next year.

The cannabis industry knows all too well that it takes the support of the entire community to advocate for legal cannabis consumption. With the recent election, we’ve made even more progress but there is still much to be done.

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