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Vanilla Macaroons




Delicious coconut and vanilla flavors delicately dance with each other, alongside the ubiquitously tantalizing taste of cannabis, to create a macaroon unlike any other. This delicacy by Utopia is offered in a 10-pack of 10mg THC macaroons that is well worth its value. The effects are mild but certainly long-lasting, so caution ought to be taken if more than two or three are eaten at once. Utopia always does a great job of layering the natural flavors of cannabis alongside the other ingredients in its edibles and in doing so, always create an amazing and unique flavor. Consumers can rest easy knowing that Utopia uses a giant selection of all-natural and organic ingredients in its edibles, which truly reflects it top quality products from bottom-to-top. Definitely a fun snack for an afternoon or evening, these macaroons will take you higher!

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