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Utah School Installs Vape Detectors in Bathrooms




In the wake of lung illnesses stemmed from vaping, one city in Utah has decided to protect its youth and prevent vaping by installing detectors in campus bathrooms.

According to KUTV, Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah sent emails to parents and students letting them know that special detectors have been installed in the schools bathrooms with the start of the new school year. “We were seeing an escalation in the number of vape cases,” said Assistant Principal Adam Hagen. The detectors cost the school approximately $40,000.

Officials at the school claim that while it’s been some time since they’ve confiscated a pack of cigarettes or any physical evidence of smoking, and that vaping has become the most popular choice. Their hope is that the vape detectors will keep students from sneaking a vape break. “This was driven by our parent groups coming to us wanting us to do something,” Hagen added.

When the detectors were first installed, the reports showed about 25 incidents of vaping. Now that time has passed though, there have been no further detections. The district also has officers and counsellors in place to help stop underage vaping. “We just started that at the beginning of the school year and actually nothing has been detected,” says Lana Hiskey of the Nebo School District. Hiskey also stated that if they don’t see more activity from the sensors by the end of the year, it is possible the district won’t purchase any more of them.

Other states have begun to take action against flavored vaping and e-cigarettes to protect both adult and youth residents, including a ban from Washington State and discussion of a ban in Los Angeles, California. As the crisis continues, it’s clear that some major changes are going to take place soon when it comes to underage vaping.