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Letter from the Editor

Upward and Onward




CULTURE’s 100th issue is more than just a milestone for our magazine—it’s also a milestone for the cannabis community.

The first issue of CULTURE hit the newsstands in Southern California in June, 2009. Back then, there were only 13 states that had voted in favor of medical cannabis, in comparison to the 29 states that have enacted medical cannabis programs today. Recreational cannabis states were non-existent in 2009—now in our 100th issue, eight states have legalized recreational cannabis.

Through the evolution of our industry, CULTURE has never swayed from its core mission—to bring cannabis into the mainstream by sharing the stories of those who have been silenced for so long. Every page within this magazine has an intention. From sharing medical and scientific research and evidence in favor of cannabis, to promoting the legislative and cultural acceptance of this miraculous plant—we have not strayed from our purpose in 100 issues, and we never will. There are so many reasons to celebrate our victories—both as a magazine and as a community. However, as we revel in our excitement, we can’t forget that we still have a long way to go.

I can promise you that here at CULTURE, we will continue to face opponents of cannabis, defending your inherent human right to consume a plant. By sharing your remarkable, brave, altruistic and awe-inspiring stories within our pages and spreading knowledge to the masses and ensuring consumers have safe access to cannabis will continue to be the inspiration for what we do.

Finally, as a free magazine since our very first issue, we’d like to thank the many local and national business owners who have had a hand in supporting our endeavors. It is because of you that our industry has been built with a strong foundation from the ground up.

Without our supportive community of patients, advocates, lawmakers and industry experts, we would not be able to share the many untold tales and first-hand stories with the masses.

Cheers to 100 more!

Jamie Solis


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