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United Nations Releases 2017 World Drug Report



Last week, the United Nations released their 2017 World Drug Report, detailing drug use trends worldwide over the past year. The report asserts that “cannabis production has remained a global phenomenon,” signaling the overall growth of the industry during recent years.

The report breaks cannabis into two categories, declaring flower separate from “resin,” the term they use to sum up all concentrate products. It states that cannabis cultivation was present in 135 countries from 2010-2015, technically producing enough cannabis for 92 percent of the world population.

The United Nations also admits that completely accurate numbers on cannabis are hard to come by, due to the illegal nature of the plant in most countries. It also admits that much of the data is provided by law enforcement, which could potentially sway the report to reflect more negative facts about cannabis and the industry.

Morocco was listed as the number-one source for concentrates in the world, consistent with previous reports. The United Nations also noted that while much of the world’s resin comes from the Middle East, the vast amount of flower trafficking takes place between the U.S. and Europe. Mexico reported the largest cannabis seizures worldwide in 2017, followed by the U.S., Nigeria, Paraguay and Egypt.

As far as legalization is concerned, the report notes that cannabis use continues to increase in the U.S., whereas in England and Wales, where cannabis is illegal, use continues to decline. The United Nations chalks this dramatic increase in use up to the fact that 29 states in America now have some form of legal cannabis.

These numbers make it clear that as long as legalization prevails in the U.S., the industry will continue to grow, as more and more people feel comfortable partaking recreationally. This report is also notable in its inclusion of legal cannabis instead of just trafficking data.

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