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U.S. State Department Warns About Traveling with CBD Oil Internationally




The U.S. State Department warned American citizens on Dec. 12 that it’s unwise to travel internationally with any kind of cannabis—even CBD oil.

The department warned about carrying CBD oil in baggage, as wells as guns and drones. “Make sure your gift isn’t a fa la la la la la la la la fail,” the department tweeted. “Bringing along gifts like drones, CBD oils, and firearms can land you in trouble in foreign countries. Research what is and isn’t allowed before you travel.”

While CBD produces no psychoactive effects, in many parts of the world, there is no difference between CBD and any other type of cannabis. A notorious example of that is a British citizen Pip Holmes who faced 15 years for carrying CBD oil in Bali, Indonesia. Holmes faced hard time or the death penalty for a small amount of the CBD oil that a friend mailed to him for arthritis pain.

In America, hemp-derived CBD is legal ever since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also allows passengers on domestic flights within the United States to carry hemp-derived CBD products. The TSA also informed its officers to stop searching for cannabis in travelers’ belongings.

Accompanying the tweet is a clip of a video of a traveler filling a suitcase with holiday-themed clothing and items.

According to SF Gate, the busiest travel times during the holiday season this year fall on the weekends before and after Christmas. Christmas and New Years Day fall mid-week this year, which is good news, but travel will remain a mess if you plan on traveling during those times.

When in doubt, it’s best to never carry cannabis internationally, because of vast differences in the perception of cannabis, whether it’s for medical reasons or not.