Twisted Vine

Nestled in a historic downtown location, it doesn’t get much better than Fullerton’s Twisted Vine for the wine, beer and food enthusiast. With its exposed brick interior, ample wine selection and delicious assortment of eats, this place delivers an amazing dining experience. For the aspiring wine or beer aficionado, Twisted Vine offers seasonal wine and beer flights. The flights, three, 3- to 5-ounce glasses of three different wines or beers, are designed to give the patron a unique sampling of the different varieties of the immense selection. In addition to their tremendous assortment of beverages, The Twisted Vine also carries a menu that will further delight your taste buds. This includes a delicious steak panini that has a pleasant horseradish kick, and a tomato and basil soup that is decadent and creamy. Additionally, amongst their assortment of appetizers is the much coveted, brie bowl: a sourdough bread bowl with seasoned and molten brie cheese served with toasted bread bites and apple slices to take care of your dipping needs. Whether you’re looking for a place for a large dinner, an intimate date or a spot for a business meeting, The Twisted Vine offers the ideal environment. (Simon Weedn)

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