Tropicanna Cookies by Liberty Reach Available wherever: Liberty Reach Products Are Carried.

When you unscrew the metal lid from the glass jar (no plastic, always a nice touch) on this flower, you’ll soon realize it is top-notch. The color is phenomenal. It is dark green at the base, leading into a deep purple, which covers the vast majority of the flower. This regal color scheme is complemented by the abundant bright orange hairs and smattering of abundant crystals. The fragrance is so strong and pleasant, smelling citrusy, fruity and sweet, and it’s absolutely intoxicating. The CULTURE team used a water pipe to sample this flower and found the flavor was just as delightful as the scent, with an added depth of an earthy, pungent finish. The effects were perfect for a sativa, with a nice jolt of energy followed by a blissful, joyous buzz. It’s the perfect flower for creative or outdoor endeavors, adding to the experience without hampering it with overly intense intoxication.

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