Available at Medicine Man Medical Market in Denver.

Estimates put the cannabis production in the Emerald Triangle at over one billion dollars a year. Not a bad harvest at all. We’d bet they’re banking on Trinity, which draws its namesake from one of the three counties of the Triangle, and fortunately made its way all the way to Denver. Hands-down the best cut you’ll see is at Medicine Man Medical Market, as it’s hard to recognize as cannabis under all of the trichs. It’s a kief factory starter kit in a jar. Though the origins are unknown, it has a lot of those rubber band Kush notes with light citrus behind it. The buzz screams high-THC, as you’re initially rocked in the face like cruising down the PCH. It’s a comforting indica ride that helps decrease nausea, perfect for car sickness or pain as it settles in. There’s nothing else like Trinity out there, so get it while you can.

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