Tricks of the Trade

Hey, I love my life. I really do. And I love my job. Hands down, this is the greatest job in the world. But I try not to lose sight of one thing: Life is still tough for all of us. Real tough. Just look at the jobless rates, the foreclosure mess and all the people hurting, trying to make ends meet and survive through this crappy economy. The good folks that make up the medical cannabis community are no different. All of us—patients, advocates, artists, professionals, crusaders, rappers, writers, free thinkers—are feeling the economic hurt, too, and then some. Plus, there’s all the grief related to the results of Long Beach’s recent dispensary lottery; the anxiety over whether or not Prop. 19 will succeed.

That’s why Halloween rocks.

The holiday is the one day a year when we can simply unplug from the trials and tribulations of our day-to-day lives and indulge in harmless fantasy: Eating sweets. Dressing up. Pretending. Inventing our own worlds and personae. Halloween parties (yes!)

It’s the one day a year you can snack on Vienna sausages and artichoke dip as you try and get your flirt on with that co-worker that’s painted from head to toe Avatar-style with blue body paint.

That’s why Halloween is better than Christmas (sorry, Jesus), better than Hanukkah (Sorry, Maccabees) and better than Thanksgiving (sorry, ah, Pilgrims?)

It’s when adding slutty fishnets to a costume is always the way to improve a festive get-up. It’s when the right answer to the question “Three Musketeers or Snickers?” is always “both.” It’s when telling scary stories, hanging out with friends, indulging in your sweet tooth and changing your ringtone to that ghoulish Vincent Price laugh from the “Thriller” video are all considered completely acceptable.

But if you’re just going to take off your shirt and tell people that you’re dressed up like Jacob Black—your body better be writing checks that your abs can cash.

Happy Halloween!

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