Available at Apothecary 420 Collective in Sherman Oaks.

Trainwreck is a classic lineage that is very popular with all users, and for good reason. Long used to calm anxiety, alleviate stress and mitigate pain, Trainwreck is also very popular for relaxation and socializing. On display at the Apothecary 420 Collective in Sherman Oaks is a large, bordering on spectacular, light-green sticky nug that is an exquisite example of Trainwreck. The bud head is beautifully formed and is firm yet spongy, attesting to its fresh harvest. The coverage of trichomes is extreme, looking as if the bud had been dipped in sugar. Burning evenly with no harshness, a mild spicy aroma fills the room. As would be expected of a quality Trainwreck, the effect comes on fairly rapidly, spreading first to the head and then rapidly throughout the body, delivering the potent relief and pleasure that is expected of this legendary strain.

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