Toucan Sam by Downtown Cannabis Company Available at: Green Collar Cannabis in Tacoma.

Ah . . . Toucan Sam. The child of Fruity Loops and SinMint Cookies, this hybrid has truly diverse genetics and is a cannaseur’s delight. The flower is beautiful with impressively compact calyx formations and multi-colored leaves ranging from all shades of green to a light purple color. Simply put, it looks dank. The fragrance is sweet and fruity, like a fruit punch flavored baked good. The CULTURE team used a flower vaporizer and water pipe to sample this tasty flower, and reviewers noted the flavor had the same fruity and pastry sweet flavors, with a more subtle earthy finish. At 22.1 percent total THC, this Toucan Sam sample provided a solid effect, which offered both the deep relaxation, pain relief and appetite stimulation of an indica, complete with the energetic bliss of a sativa. Toucan Sam is the perfect flower for before or after your first workout of the new ear.

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