Top Seven Star Wars-Themed Cannabis Strains

Today is May 4, which is also known nationwide as Star Wars Day, and is often accompanied with the catchy phrase “May the Fourth Be With You.” Fans across the country are celebrating the Star Wars franchise and all of its beloved characters and legendary stories with Star Wars-related sales. Whether you’re a longtime fan and purist of the original trilogy or you’re new to the series and fascinated with the journey of Rey, Finn and BB-8, Star Wars has a place in everyone’s hearts. With the success of last year’s Rogue One, and the highly anticipated Episode VIII: The Last Jedi coming to theaters later this year, the series has never been so popular. To get in tune with your inner Jedi (or Sith, whatever your prefer), here’s seven unique Star Wars-themed cannabis strains that will give new meaning to being one with the force.

Skywalker OG

Luke Skywalker is one of the most notorious characters of Star Wars, so it’s no surprise that there is no shortage of strains and concentrates that hold his namesake. This concentrate in particular is great for fighting depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Death Star

The rubber and cranberry smells of this flower can be compared to the inside of a novelty Dark Vader mask. This strain is reportedly a cross between Biodiesel and Sensi Star, and consumers report it is great for combating deep muscle and tissue pain.

OG1 Kenobi

This pure indica variety is known for its metallic-green, conical buds that make for a smooth smoke. The effects are trancelike, evoking a blissful stake on consumers, but one that is manageable enough to get through Star Wars: Episode I with ease. It’s a great remedy for chronic pain, insomnia and migraines.

Storm Trooper

Derived from Crystal Storm and Jedi 41, Storm Trooper is a true testament to the epic following Star Wars has maintained throughout the years. This 90-percent indica has a coating of trichomes that make the flower truly glisten. This strain can be summed up by a quote from Yoda, “Soon I will rest, yes, forever sleep.”


These dense nugs are known to provide consumers with deep, thoughtful and reflective moments. Like Luke whose continuing relationship with Yoda as a student enriched and broadened his life, consumers want to continue revisiting this dense strain time and time again.

White Fire Jedi OG

The taste and flavor of this Jedi strain were piney, sweet, citrusy and rubbery. Dense, trichome-dusted buds bring consumers relief from severe pain. One bowl of this beauty has been known to award a full-night’s sleep.

Kylo Ren

Known as the villain in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the aroma, smell and body effects associated with this strain are reminiscent of OG strains. Consumers report it is not only great for bringing on relaxation, but can also help combat insomnia as well.

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