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Tommy Chong Says Smoke Cannabis, but Don’t Ban Vapes




At the Daytime Beauty Awards on Sept. 14 in Los Angeles, California, Tommy Chong warned reporters that a federal vape ban will not work and that smoking cannabis is one of the least dangerous tried-and-true methods to consume cannabis.

TMZ reporters cornered the comedian and questioned him about an imminent federal vape ban due to recent reports of pulmonary illness linked to vape products. “You can’t stop it,” said Chong. “I mean, with weed, when they tried to stop it, they just made it worse. When it goes underground, it goes crazy.” Many observers look at Chong as a way to measure the long-term effects of cannabis, given that he has been a heavy cannabis consumer for over 50 solid years.

Chong referred to the time period of 1937-1997, following the implementation of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, when generally all forms of cannabis were illegal. The early prohibition years were based on racist propaganda, and the “War on Drugs” did little to curb consumption rates, and pushed the cannabis market underground, which was often more dangerous.

The modern era of cannabis is riddled with waves of illness due to dangerous vape additives that shouldn’t be inhaled. This, of course, led several states such as New York or Michigan to implement emergency bans on flavored e-cigarettes.

Chong pointed out the vapers are prone to chain smoking, perhaps more than regular smokers. “A lot of the people who are vaping, they’re chronic,” added Chong. “They just keep smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking. You put anything with oxygen in your lungs for a long period of time, you’re going to have problems. So that’s one thing about weed, you take a couple of hits [and] you’re good to go.”


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Chong launched Chong’s Choice back in 2016, his own line of cannabis products,  and the company is going steady and strong. Chong now sells both vape products and cannabis flower products that are meant to be smoked.