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TJ’s Organic Provisions; Oregon Company Highlight




TJ’s Organic ProvisionsTJ’s Organic Provisions

1910 Empire Park Dr, Eugene, 97402

(541) 505-7105

How and when did your dispensary start up?

TJ’s Gardens is a good energy company that has a bottom line that is not solely profit but also people and planet. We specialize in customer service and award-winning flower. TJ’s Organic Provisions in Eugene is a great place to experience this. Our flower can be experienced at Nectar, Cannadaddys, 2nd Step, FiveZeroTrees, Harvest Moon, Eugene OG and Apothecaria.

What’s the story behind the name of your dispensary?

TJ’s Gardens as a whole, was formed when three like minded men decided we wanted to help more people. Travis, James and Jim became partners and formed TJ’s which is simply T for Travis and the two Js Jim and James. Without consideration for proper grammar we made the acronym TJ’s.

What are the biggest challenges you face in this industry as a dispensary? Or the biggest joys?

The biggest challenges we face today and in the future are the rules made by people that do not truly understand the industry and tend to make fear based rules. Oregon is not alone on this we see it in Washington and Colorado as well.

If someone wanted to open a dispensary and get their feet into the industry, what advice or counsel would you give them?

We feel that the “ground floor” of an industry has a different lifespan/timeline than the ground floor of a business. The “ground floor” of a business might have a two-year timeline whereas “the ground floor” of an industry might have a 20-year timeline. When you look at the recreational industry it is really in its first five years. That being said there is plenty of room for innovation and newcomers. I would suggest that the most common flaw in many of the businesses is customer service and to make that your strongest characteristic and that will allow you to stand out from your competition.

What are the goals and vision moving forward, for your company?

We look forward to bringing our energy and our brand to all the major cities in Oregon and Washington. We hope to be the place that feels most like home when you walk into our retail stores. We hope to be the producers that exist on the top shelves of every store that shares our vision and to provide them with the best customer service experience possible. We hope to be in the conversation of the best tasting edibles with our Cannavore brand and in the process we hope to make people smile.

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