The White by Harmony Farms Available at: Urban Bud in Tacoma.

The bright minds at Harmony Farms know how to market their already wonderful product. The label of this high-quality strain features a picture of a snow owl swooping down over a sunny green landscape. This image perfectly encapsulates the dreamy quality of this flower. If you give this cool little jar a shake, you’ll notice that the nugs are so dense and solid with THC, they actually ping the glass like pebbles. When you look at the flower you see why. True to form, this flower is jam packed and white with crystals. The fragrance is unique and fantastic. A forest scent is complemented by something sharp and sour, with a hint of sweetness. A vaporizer and water pipe were used to sample this flower, and the flavor was just as intense and delightful as the scent, with an added bonus of a more powerful sweetness. The effect was typical for an indica-dominant hybrid—happy, chill and helpful for both appetite stimulation and pain relief.

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