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The Trip of a Lifetime




Warm weather and summer adventures inevitably bring up thoughts of an epic vacation that combines two favorite things—cannabis and travel. Recreational cannabis laws are sweeping some of the country’s most beautiful and traveled states, seamlessly weaving its way through the west side of the country. What better way to embrace these newfound and longstanding states with legal cannabis than with one single, legal road trip? Adventure-seekers can travel the open road, while enjoying legal cannabis at stops along the way. Cannabis is a vehicle for exploration and can pave the way for the trip of a lifetime.

This particular road trip begins in none other than Las Vegas, Nevada. It continues southeast to Los Angeles, California, moves north through the Bay Area, Oregon and Washington. Obviously, you have the option to start the road trip in your home state and go from there. All of these states allow recreational cannabis and possess untouchable natural beauty. By following this general road guide, there is no time spent in unfriendly cannabis states. However, cannabis and driving is not safe, nor is it legal. Abide by these guidelines and you’ll be good to go. Legal cannabis is a privilege and obeying each state’s laws is a must. Here are a few tips on how to safely navigate:


– Recreational cannabis is only sold to those 21 and older with a valid state-issued ID.

– Never drive under the influence. Designate one of your drivers to be the DD each day or plan on staying somewhere once you’ve indulged.

– Don’t bring cannabis products across state lines.

– Don’t smoke, vape or consume cannabis in a vehicle or in public spaces.

– Do your research on each county you will be visiting, as recreational cannabis laws can vary from county to county within a legal state.

– While on the road, keep cannabis goods packaged, sealed and stored in accordance to local law.

“Go ahead, rely on your destiny, get in your car and cruise the land of the brave and free.”


Legal since 2016, visit and live it up in “Sin City,” aka Las Vegas, Nevada. On this list, the state of Nevada is one of the most recent to legalize recreational cannabis. Despite the youth of its cannabis industry, the city of Las Vegas has embraced cannabis whole-heartedly. A few dispensaries have already made a name for themselves, with only more expected to pop up in the coming years. There are countless sights to see, but it’s always fun to check old Las Vegas (downtown) on Fremont Street and to fuel the adrenaline, take a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon for the day. Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada’s largest and oldest state park, is always worth a visit as well.

Nevada possession laws: One once of flower and three-and-a-half grams of concentrates. Nevada also accepts valid out-of-state medical cards.


Travel southwest on the I-15 freeway to arrive in the greater Los Angeles, California area where the opportunities are endless. Stay awhile, and check out the region’s famous museums, or attend a live concert. Once you’re ready to leave L.A., the trip really begins to get exciting. You’ll want start your journey north on Highway 1, more commonly referred to as Pacific Coast Highway, which is world famous for its scenic oceanside views. Be sure to stop and check out the sunbathing elephant seals in Piedras Blancas, located on the coast in central California. Other cities that are home to dispensaries along the coast as you move north include San Luis Obispo, Big Sur, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Bodega Bay, to name a few. Arcata and Eureka are also worthwhile for visiting, where you can replenish your stash of legal cannabis before driving through the Avenue of The Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

California possession laws: One ounce of flower and eight grams of cannabis concentrate.



Switch gears and find your way to the I-5 freeway, which leads a fairly direct route toward Oregon, and most importantly, the great, weird city of Portland, Oregon. Soak in the natural beauty of the landscape, but one of the most beautiful sights to see is the very low price of cannabis. While Oregon is entering a unique time of oversaturation in the cannabis industry, this means that tourists and residents alike will have access to great and inexpensive cannabis. Replenish your stash, and set out to see sights such as satisfying the munchies at the first Voodoo Doughnut shop, explore the unique flavors of locally crafted brew or take a day-trip to the world famous Multnomah Falls.

Oregon possession laws: One ounce of flower and one ounce of cannabis concentrate.


Just a hop, skip and a jump north, and you’re in Washington State. Seek out Seattle, where there are recreational cannabis dispensaries that have been legal since 2012. Quench those munchies and seafood cravings by visiting the legendary Pike Place Fish Market, then gear up for a hike in coastal Olympic National Park. Or maybe indulge in a pre-roll, then board a ship for a whale-watching tour. You won’t find any consumption lounges in Washington, but there are a few 420-friendly house rentals throughout the city that will provide a safe place to consume your cannabis goods legally.

Washington possession laws: One ounce of flower and seven grams of concentrates.


The journey doesn’t have to end here. Visitors can also pursue a visit north through Canada (specifically British Columbia and the Yukon Territory) to hit up Alaska. Or those who want to see what’s east can travel through Canada and end up in Michigan. Go ahead, rely on your destiny, get in your car and cruise the land of the brave and free. Let cannabis help create your best adventures.