The Original Jack Herer Vape Cartridge Available wherever: The Original Jack Herer products are carried.

Everyone’s favorite strain was made famous by the legendary activist and “Emperor of Hemp” Jack Herer. Consumers haven’t really tried the best until they’ve gotten their hands on The Original Jack Herer products. This sleek 0.5 gram cartridge came paired with a gunmetal-colored battery that was branded with a signature by the “The Hemperor” himself. Upon the first draw, reviewers could appreciate the lab-tested oil that is free from solvents, fillers and pesticides, as its signature cannabis taste was clear of any unnatural essence. With cannabis-derived terpenes for added flavor and aroma, the tastes of pine and cedar were prominent and welcomed. Be sure to hit this cartridge with care, as this Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant with powerful effects. Reviewers instantly felt energetic and uplifted effects in the form of a smile and easygoing attitude. Created by the estate of Jack Herer, The Original Jack Herer products dedicate a portion of each sale to the Jack Herer Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to hemp education.

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