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The Oregon Cannabis Business Council Organizes a Holiday Food Drive

Through the first week of
December, there will be a food drive going on in the city of Portland. This
food drive, however, will not take place at your church or a craft bizarre, or
any other place





hrough the first week of
December, there will be a food drive going on in the city of Portland. This
food drive, however, will not take place at your church or a craft bizarre, or
any other place you might expect. The food drive will take place at over 60
medical cannabis dispensaries in the Portland area. The Oregon Food Bank has
partnered with the Oregon Cannabis Business Council, along with almost every
single area dispensary to collect food for needy families this winter. They
will be collecting non-perishable food items in boxes, bags or cans.

With the holiday season at
hand, many individuals and families in Portland are finding it more and more
difficult to put food on the table. Due to unemployment or underemployment, and
the high costs of living, increasing numbers of people are forced to seek
emergency food. For the past three years, the Oregon Food Bank has distributed
over 1 million emergency food boxes to needy homes. The more help they can get,
the better. Don Morse, one of the directors of the Human Collective in Portland
is spearheading the drive. He said that through the drive they hope to, “reach
out to the some 30,000 Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patients in Portland,
and their care givers. We want to let it be known that as a business community,
we are aware of our social responsibility to the city, and we are trying to
participate as best we can even though some organizations want to shut us. And
this is another example of what we can do, and what we will do to be a part of the
normal business community in the Portland area.” Don is also the founder of the
Oregon Cannabis Business Council, otherwise known as the OCBC.

The Oregon Cannabis
Business council is a trade organization that serves the medical cannabis
industry. It represents four sectors: Testing labs, medible producers,
concentrate producers and of course, dispensaries. The primary function of the
OCBC is to introduce legislation, or participate in pending legislation that
impacts the four sectors of the medical cannabis industry in Oregon. Don says,
“We are still in our infancy as far as forming a group. The OCBC now has over 30
members and it’s growing. We hope to eventually have all of the dispensaries in
the state, as well as all the labs, and all the major medible and concentrate
producers as members.” The OCBC is doing great things for the Oregon Medical
Marijuana Program, and for the Portland community by encouraging owners and
workers in the industry to get involved in their communities. More and more we
are seeing Portland dispensaries with more to their mission than just serving
OMMP patients. Some have individually taken up different charities, such as
homelessness, and hospice care.

Organizers of the food
drive have also encouraged neighborhood dispensaries to offer incentives for
donating food to the food drive. Some may even be giving out free joints for
the donation of a certain number of items, ask for details at your local
dispensary. Donation boxes are within OMMP dispensaries, so you have to have an
OMMP card to participate in this food drive. If you don’t have an OMMP card,
anyone can donate at anytime at the Oregon Food Bank, or even donate
financially online (

Don and the OCBC will be
wrapping up the food drive the weekend of December 6. They will be making the
food delivery the following Monday to the Oregon Food Bank and announcing the
amount of food collected Monday evening. Don and the OCBC are excited about
serving the Portland community in this way. When asked about the recent passing
of Measure 91, Don said that, “safe and responsible access to cannabis should
be everyone’s right.” I think we can all agree that another basic human right
is to have access to consistent and nourishing food to eat, especially during
the holiday season.

If you are interested in
having a holiday food drive at your business or organization, visit




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