The Monarch Cherry AK vape pen


Available at Various collectives throughout California.

Medicate discretely and on-the-go like never before with The Monarch Cherry AK, The Legion of Bloom’s new strain specific vaporizer pen. Just press and hold the main button while inhaling to create tightly controlled doses of cannabinoids. The silver mouthtip, light-gold oil and logo on the cartridge give the pen a really refined look. Nothing about the design screams medical cannabis—which makes it perfect for many professional types. The Monarch starts with refined CO2 oil, then natural strain specific flavor is extracted in-house by the the Legion of Bloom from the Cherry AK flowers. These cannabis derived terpenes are then reintroduced to the refined CO2 giving The Monarch a taste that is undeniably similar to the flavor of the actual strain, creating a tasty and unique vaping experience. Solvent-free and lab-tested for pesticides and potency, The Monarch boasts THC levels in the high 70s to low 80s. The oil is hyper-light with a slightly tropical note and hints of cherries and earth tones throughout. Cherry AK is sativa hybrid with strong indica effects.

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