The Juicy Anisette by GaGa Edibles Available wherever: GaGa Edibles products are carried.

While there is nothing wrong with a sweet treat every now and again, it does seem that the vast majority of cannabis treats are on the high-end of the sweet spectrum. And while black licorice isn’t exactly savory, it is definitely a more complementary flavor to cannabis than your typical confection. Not to mention, the black licorice lovers of the world are an underserved market. So the CULTURE team was delighted to sample The Juicy Anisette by GaGa Edibles. As always, this edible was expertly crafted from texture and flavor to consistency. The 10mg dosage is perfect, whether you want to eat just one, have half for lightweights or munch on a few for those with more advanced tolerance. Meet your needs with The Juicy Anisette by GaGa Edibles.

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